Sangkee Noodle House

Available for Lunch and Dinner! • 3 courses for $25

First Course

Choice of:

Mini Dim Sum Sampler

Shrimp Dumping, Sui Mai, Juicy Bun and Watercress Dumping

Coconut Shrimp (2 pcs)


Second Course

Choice of:

Lamb Shank

with Indian Masala

Ginger Scallions Sauté Half Lobster  

Garlic Crispy Cornish Hen

 Flounder Fillet

in Thai pineapple curry 

 Bone Off Barbecue Spareribs

with chef special sauce 


Third Course

Choice of:

Fresh Mango and Tapioca

Lychee and Dragon Fruit

with Herbal jelly



3549 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104