3 courses for $25 • Choose one from each course.

First Course

Choice of:

Chips & Salsa

Salsa roja & salsa verde, house made tortilla chips

Tuna Ceviche

Fresh tuna, coconut serrano sauce, toasted eitos

Mexican Poutine

Duck fat french fries, jalapeno fondue, ground beef, black beans, cilantro


Second Course

Choice of:

District Chicken

Half chicken, orange habanero glaze, grilled nopales

Carnitas Taco

Crispy pork taco, onions & cilantro


Sweet fried plantain, black bean puree, cotija cheese, crema



Lime Parfait

Lime mousse with lime cream, masa crumble, and grapefruit tequila sorbet


3945 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

(215) 222-1657